Joe Rogan Is Entirely Wrong About Weed Addiction

Joe Rogan, like many other people in the world, believes weed is not very addicting compared to other drugs. However, marijuana is both physically and psychologically addicting, and there is a high chance that someone who is addicted will suffer from withdrawal if they try to quit.

Asking Thai People What They Think Of Cannabis Legalization

It is hard to fathom that Thailand used to heavily punish whoever was caught with cannabis. Even though personal use is discouraged, the government of Thailand has handed out over a million cannabis plants to boost the economy. But what do the locals think? These street interviews will surely shed some light on that!

Massive Celebrations In Thailand After Stepping Towards Weed Legalisation!

Celebrations are in full swing in Thailand after it was announced that weed would be legalised. The strong smell of marijuana lingers in the air as people go crazy at the thought of consuming marijuana freely!