Threats Posed By High Potency Marijuana For Teenagers

Though it is technically impossible for someone to overdose on marijuana, a whole host of other problems may effect teenagers when it comes to the consumption of high potency marijuana.

Senate Democrats Propose The Federal Legalization Of Marijuana

Though marijuana has been liberated from the status of being an illegal substance, it still is considered illegal from a federal standpoint. Senate democrats are now proposing the idea of legalizing marijuana at the federal level.

Why Is Marijuana Off Limits For Athletes?

Marijuana has always been stigmatized even though it has been proven time and time again as a worthy medicinal plant. With the recent case of Sha’Carri Richardson, much outrage has been witnessed by the sports world. Why exactly is using marijuana considered a death move for athletes?

Pat McAfee On Sha’Carri Richardson’s Weed Disqualification

Despite the fact that marijuana has achieved legal status in the United States, traces of marijuana found in Sha’Carri Richardson’s body got her suspended from the Olympics. Here’s what Pat McAfee had to say about that matter.