Discussing Charles Koch’s Movements Towards The Legalization Of Cannabis!

Charles Koch is one of the richest men on earth. He’s known for spending a fortune on political causes and is a libertarian himself. He has now dedicated himself to contribute greatly towards the lifting of the federal prohibition on marijuana.

Minority Communities Struggle To Make Progress In The Marijuana Business

With the legalization of marijuana, almost everyone is scrambling to gain a foothold and earn in the business. Why are equity candidates being held back from getting their marijuana business license? Here’s some insight into the matter.

Acknowledging The Legalization Of Cannabis

California made headlines back in 1996 for passing the legalization of medical marijuana. Today, a lot more of American states have opted for the legalization of not only medical marijuana, but recreational marijuana as well. What went on that allowed for the legalization of marijuana to happen?

Former NBA Player Says Athletes Should Be Able To Use Marijuana

After the recent disqualification of Sha’Carri Richardson from the Olympics due to traces of marijuana found in her lab tests, it has been the talk of the industry. Al Harrington, former NBA player and co-founder of cannabis company Viola talks about why athletes should be allowed to use marijuana.

Weed Might Just Be The Peacemaker In The War On Narcotics!

2020 was the year in which Illinois declared marijuana legal and it’s primary purpose was to give those communities who were targeted by the War on Drugs a fair chance in the industry. However, no new licenses have been granted resulting in no majority black-owned marijuana dispensaries.